Our Screening process is a two step process.

Application.  Complete this Application; and

VGH Rules and Regs-upd-9-16.  Review and execute our Rule and Regulations.  This document is also found on our Association Documents page and this is step one.  You will receive an email to verify your identity, if you do not provide a credit report with all account information blacked out.  A background check and credit check will then be performed.  This is a process applied consistently to all applicants.  We will destroy personal information such as Driver’s License and Social Security numbers after completing the process.  The application process has been developed over the history of the community in order to most fairly, and effectively, serve its residents, preserve order and maintain the nature and tone of the community.  This inquiry is neither capricious nor arbitrary.

As a second step, every new owner, or new tenant, must meet with the screening committee prior to moving in.  The Board will then provide an approval.

Owners must notify the VGH Board with a minimum of a week notice to screen their renter and submit the completed and executed Application and Rules and Regs, along with the appropriate fee, at that time.

A screening/transfer fee of $100.00 is payable, per applicant, for new owners and renters and said fee is to be submitted with the application.  Credit check results and other documents completed by an owner on a prospective renter should be shared with VGH Board before renter is screened, in order to expedite the process.  Owners are expected to perform a pre-screening in order to eliminate renters that do not meet the Association’s Guidelines.  Major Credit issues require an explanation even from renters.

If a rental applicant is rejected in accordance with our Guidelines, there will be a $100 fee charged, per applicant, for additional applicants.  Please note all fees, once submitted, are non-refundable.  Our guidelines include, but are not limited to the following:  No felony charges within the past 5 years, no crimes against children, no rape charges (with the exception of consensual statutory rape), no larceny or home invasion charges, no career criminals, et al.  Condo Law states: only “one family per unit” is permitted. This will be enforced.

The monthly maintenance fee of $264 is due by the first of the month. A late fee of $15.00 will be charged if payment is received after the 15th of the month. Payments may also be paid quarterly in advance.

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