2016 Increase

The purpose of our Budget meeting held on Wednesday, August 31, 2016, was to obtain membership approval to PARTIALLY FUND OR WAIVE RESERVES, to include with the operational budget for 2016.   Florida Statute requires condominium budgets to include Fully Funded Reserves.  The Board of Directors has an option to offer a Partially Funded Reserves, or Waived Reserves option, to the membership for approval.  IF THE PARTIALLY FUNDED, OR WAIVED, RESERVES IS NOT APPROVED BY THE UNIT OWNERS, then, the Board of Directors MUST approve a Budget with a Fully Funded Reserve.  

WE DID NOT ACHIEVE A QUORUM AT THIS MEETING.  We only had 18 votes present in person and by proxy and thereby were obligated to approve a Budget with a Fully Funded Reserve.


The Budget with FULLY funded Reserves:  $332 Monthly Assessment per Unit.  This increase will apply to the remainder of 2016 (October, November and December).  It represents a total of $204 in total per unit that will go into our Reserve account to cover the costs of capital improvements such as painting, roofs maintenance and Sealcoating Driveways.  We will hold a Budget Meeting for 2017 in December to approve the Budget for next year and again give the membership the opportunity to partially fund or waive reserves.  You can either pay the $204 in full with a notation on the check “Reserves” — which will greatly reduce our accounting burden, or you can pay $332 a month for October, November and December.

Trash and Recycling

Pursuant to City Ordinance trash is to be picked up Tuesdays and Fridays of every week.
  • Tuesday – green trash cart and recycling bins.
  • Friday – green trash cart and bulk trash/yard waste.
  • According to the City: “No other garbage is allowed to be placed outside of the green cart because the automatic truck does not have the capability of picking it up.”

This means that any trash placed in bags will be left behind for our maintenance crew to deal with.  We will no longer be providing this service free of charge.  If our maintenance crew has to repeatedly removed trash not taken by the City because it has not been placed in the green trash cart (this is your large trash can), we will be charging you a fee for this service.  Additionally, according to our Pest Control company trash must be taken out every week.  If you allow trash to build up (which causes rat infestations), we will remove it for you and charge you a fee.

LANDLORDS – Please advise your Tenants.  You will be responsible if they fail to comply.

Fire Safety and You

FireImageAs part of our Fire Safety initiative please expect a knock on your door for battery maintenance of your fire detectors — this is mandatory and not optional.  All unit owners must comply with this maintenance program; moreover, we encourage every unit to have a fire extinguisher.  Please let Richard, or Ganz, know you have one so we can keep track of how many units are complying with this very important safety precaution.

Hurricane Alert

imageSouth Florida is in the cone of uncertainty as Tropical Storm Erika builds speed.  Hurricane expert concur that if you life in West Palm you should be concerned.  As a precaution we are looking at all trees we have access to and trimming as much as possible for safety.  If you have any trees in your back yards that could become a hurricane hazard, please let us know right away to we can address the issue.  Also, if you have any debris in your back yard that may become a hazard to our common element — which is everything beyond your inner walls (remember we are a Condo association – not a homeowners association) please let us know immediately so we can assist you in making it safe.

Repairing Fascia Boards

In an effort to prevent Fascia Boards around our buildings from rotting, we are removing all nails and screws, caulking and painting with a thick oil based paint.  Our Rules and Regulations specifically state that this type of damage to the fascia boards is strictly prohibited.  There are clips that can be used for Holiday decorations that do not damage the boards.  In the future we would appreciate the use of none damaging clips.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

In an effort to increase safety, and to reduce our insurance costs, we are adding to our FireImagepreventative maintenance programs a battery replacement program for Fire Alarms in all units. Expect to receive further information by email.   Our other preventative maintenance programs include annual inspections and maintenance of the roofs, as well as maintaining working fire extinguishers in all laundry rooms.

Complaints Regarding Used Prophylactics

IMG_0671We have received several complaints regarding used prophylactics found in the parking lots on 14th St.  We have, as a precautionary measure, had all of the lights checked and the amount of time the lights are on in the parking lots after being triggered by motion has been increased to its maximum of 5 minutes (previously set at 1 minute).  We also performed this service to the lights at the closest parking lot to 14th Street on 28th Avenue.  Additionally, we will be contacting the Boynton Beach Police Department and asking them to increase patrols in the area.  The Board makes the following official statement on the matter:

May 28, 2015

A used condom was found in the parking lot between the 2860 & the 2840 buildings yesterday morning. This is not the first time one has been found, but it is the first time in several months.

If you observe any suspicious or unsavory activity out there at any time of day – but especially at night – please call 911 immediately and ask the police to check out the situation.

Finally, always be aware of your surroundings in the neighborhood after dark and let’s stay careful out there.

Thank you.



Please take the time to provide input on the color change we will be discussing at the next meeting.  Please visit our Facebook Page to review some color options and general issues.


Thank You

We want to thank our partners:  Party Planning for Kids, Foxy Kids Jewelry, Lourdes Chinivasi and Lotta Cooper Photography for the time and energy they devoted to making Halloween special for all the kids in the community at the event held on Halloween at the neighborhood clubhouse.

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