Landscaping Information


We have located a good deal on Magnolia trees on sale at Home Depot.  We will be buying four of them to improve the appearance of the buildings with the islands that we have been working on.






We are working on Islands to create an elegant appearance for our buildings.  However, with our limited budget for this type of beautification we are harvesting plants that are native and hearty as a start to this project.  We understand that this will not be very appealing for a while, but it is in no way affecting our property values.  Units being sold are getting highest and best bids above market at times.


Over time we will be planting on the sides of all buildings, including the laundry room.  We have made great strides this year in moving the project forward.IMG_0553

We also provide landscaping for the units owners who are not currently caring for the front of their units, as this is common element that reflects on the entire community when it is unkept.  We are efforting to keep our costs low and planting resilient landscaping options.
We will be pricing out this particular shrub, which is easy to maintain, for the aforementioned planting on the sides of the buildings. In the meantime we are planting Cocoplums, which were recommended as resilient and resistant to White Flies by Bobby our Irrigation Vender (and competitively priced at $5 for a 3Gallon plant).

Below is some general information on the subject.

HOA Plants Allowed.  This is some important information about Landscaping option.

schefflera edu.  Info about the Schefflera.  We have several throughout the community.

Schefflera.  More information about the Schefflera.

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