Lamp Options for Posts

Please note that at our Board Meeting of April 4, 2014, a vote was taken and the Portfolio Cabaray lights below were chosen for replacement of lamps for all buildings.  For the year of 2014, we have budgeted for replacing the lamps on 28th Avenue.  All other lamps will be replaced in the coming years.

There were several options available and we researched all the products in an effort to:

  1. Minimize Fade.  Lamps historically were constructed with either Diecast Aluminum or Steel.  Currently they are constructed with composite.  The weather in Florida is not conducive to the Lamps surviving for more than what they have the Limited Warranties for — 5 years or so.
  2. Avoid buying a lamp that will be discontinued.  I consulted with someone who was an electrical Distributor in Michigan for 54 years — with a showroom.  He explained that nothing is guaranteed.  We can buy from Lowes or we can buy from Capital Lighting, and if anyone at either establishment claims that a product will not be discontinued, they are not telling the truth!
  3. Avoid accumulation of bugs.  All four options below are completely sealed so as to avoid bugs accumulating inside the lamps.
  4. Consider the bulb replacement issues.  You must attend the meeting to hear about this one!

All lamps were physically present at the meeting for inspection and consideration.

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