Billing Log.  This is a PDF for anyone who does any work for Beautification.  As always, work must be pre-approved.  Please remember you must always pay your monthly maintenance and submit billable time and expenses to Mary for reimbursement.

Sidewalks and Door Entrance Ways – We have completed all sidewalk extensions, and are currently using a self-leveling flexible Concrete Repair Product to fix all cracks and expansion joints.  Visit our Facebook page for more information:  VGH Association, Inc.  The Door Entrance Ways are still a work in progress.  We are currently removing the adhesive from several units and we will be discussing options with the owners directly.

COLOR CHANGE – We had someone suggest going with a warmer color for the sidewalks, shutters and trims for the buildings and after discussing various options with several home owners we are presenting the following possibility to the membership:

  • Home Depot Deep Terra Cotta PFC-10 This is the Home Depot Deep Terra Cotta PFC-10.  This is an Epoxy Concrete paint for sidewalks which is stronger, more resilient, and not likely to be subject to rust stains from the Sprinkler Systems.  The doorway at Unit #28 will be painted in this color and displayed for viewing.

Shutter Full Page

  • This is Color Swatch #27 for replacement shutters on 2520 SW 14th Ct. building (this is also available on our Facebook Page for viewing).  Furthermore, this shutter has been color matched into a paint sample and a single shutter (previously green) is currently being painted and will be displayed at Unit #27 for viewing.  We encourage everyone to have a say in this decision-making process.  At minimum, everyone has until the end of the Month of June to make a comment regarding the color of the sidewalks, shutters and trims by using the form provided just below.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Painting & Landscaping:  At our last Board meeting we discussed various improvements provided in our 2014 Budget!IMG_0978  We have painted Laundry rooms 6 & 7, as well as the 2520 SW 14th Ct. building.  We repaired the doors for Laundry room 5 and it will be painted next.

We took down the large tree in front of Unit 41 of the 2520 Building.  Tree Top Tree Service, Inc., has been advising us for years to bring this tree down since it was an invasive tree, which also presented a significant hurricane hazard for two reasons:

  • A healthy tree of this type and size cannot withstand 20MPH winds.
  • This particular tree was sick and posed and even greater risk.

In it’s place we planted a Robellini Palm Quad, and a Robellini single on the opposite side of the lawn (for simetry) with an island of shrubs around it.  We carefully shopped for the best prices and these palms were professionally planted.

Soffits – We are close to conducting a second walk around to determine what soffits need to be replaced.  We received a complaint from a unit on 28th Avenue for a torn Soffits and have discussed with our contractor replacing all the aftermarket soffits covers provided by our roofer with construction quality steel soffits.  Currently we are waiting on the vendor to schedule the work, and attempting to procure bids from other companies in the meantime.

Above Ground Water Valves and Spigots – Three Buildings won the lottery for 2014 to have this work done and it was budget.  2540 SW 14th Ct., was the first winner.  2520 SW 14th Ct., was the second winner, and 2820 SW 14th St., was the third winner.  We budgeted $1,000 for this line item so we will work in this order until the money runs out for 2014.





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