Brad Bruno, our agent at Smith Watson Parker Insurance,  left the company we were previously represented by.  After accepting various suggestions from members and shopping for a new Company we have chosen: Joseph A. Honold, of Advanced Insurance Underwriters as our Insurance & Risk Advisor.  He can be reached at  954.416.9618 or

He provided us with the following Bio:  I began my career in the insurance industry in May of 2005. I have spent my entire career focusing on the insurance needs of community associations, apartments, and hotels. I currently work with community associations of all sizes, from 10 units to over 1,000 units. My experience in this industry has provided me with the knowledge to provide the association’s board with accurate and current insurance marketplace information to allow the board to make the best decision on their association’s insurance program.  Advanced Insurance Underwriters, founded in 1976, is one of the largest privately owned insurance brokers and insures more than 2,000 community associations.    AIU has grown to 8 offices throughout the state, with corporate headquarters located in Hollywood.

Request for Certificate of Insurance.  Please use this form if you need to request a Certificate of Insurance.  As a courtesy, Mr. Honold has agreed to accept phone calls in cases of emergencies regarding the Certificates of Insurance.  Please do not abuse this privilege so that we may all benefit from it.

Below are all relevant Insurance Documents.  Mr. Honold has already proven to lower our premiums significantly and provide us with excellent service.  Remember to always check for updates as some of these documents change annually.  Please note that our Policy contains a separate deductible for hurricane losses which may result in high out-of-pocket expenses to the members of the Association (Windstorm Disclaimer).  Furthermore, our Policy contains a co-pay provision that may also result in high out-of-pocket expenses (Co-Insurance Disclaimer).  This has been discussed at several Board and Annual meetings and the membership has insisted that they prefer to have the lower premium, rather than the complete coverage that the Board would prefer.

Hurricane Preparedness Guide for COA Residents.  2017 Hurricane Preparedness Guide provided in response to the threat of Hurricane Irma.

VGH Insurance Policy 2016-2017.  This is our current Insurance Policy for 2016-2017.

Proposal.  This is the Proposal received from Joe Honold on September 28, 2016, which will be fully executed and funded.

2015 Policy.  This is our Policy for 2015.

15-do.  This is our D&O Policy for 2015.

FLOOD Quote 4 Unit Building.  Even though it has been determined by Fema that we are not in a Flood Zone, as your Board we recommend every one review and consider the options of still carrying Flood Insurance.  For a 4 unit building the cost would be $532.50 per unit per year.  We will be discussing this matter at your next Budget Meeting.

2015 FLOOD Quote 5 Unit Building.  For a 5 Unit building the cost would be $589.40 per unit per year.

VGH 2015 Insurance Proposal.  We chose Premium Option 1 as Travelers is a reputable Insurance company.

InsuranceAcquisition1.15.  Our Insurance Company has been acquired by HUB International Limited.  Read the announcement.

2014 Declarations Page.  This PDF is the Declaration Page for our current Policy.

2013 Declarations Page.  This PDF is the Declaration Page for 2013-2014.

80% Co-Insurance Explained

This is an explanation of our Co-Insurance,  This was explained by Brad at our Board Meeting 12.31.2013 in order to Budget for our insurance expense for the Year of 2014/2015 which will occur late September or early October of the year.  It was decided we would stay at the 80% Co-Insurance in order to  continue to benefit from the savings.  This will only affect us in the event of a total loss on a building.

2013 Commercial Property Declaration.  This PDF contains the Insurance Limit per building.

2013 Property Enhancement Endoresement.  This PDF contains additional coverages and their limits.

Appraisal 2014.    This is the current Appraisal for all our buildings.   Brad will once again be available to discuss this at our Annual Meeting (date TBD).  According to our agent Brad:  “Per the attached 2014 appraisal. Building values are approximately 7% lower than the 2010 appraisal. In effect buildings are now insured at approximately 86% of their  appraised value, which is a benefit. This has no effect on the current premium.”

We intend to obtain a quote for Flood Insurance next year, which should be substantially cheaper given the documentation below.  For 2013-2014, Flood coverage is not provided by our Policy (Flood Disclaimer).

NFIP Manual – Cancellation #19 – RCBAP Policy.  This PDF contains an excerpt from the FEMA National Flood Insurance Program’s Flood Insurance Manual. The highlighted portion of the documents explains that Flood Insurance is no longer required because our structures have been removed from the SFHA (Special Flood Hazard Zone) by means of a LOMA.  See our LOMA below.

LOMA – 2011-06-21 – Villas of Golfview Harbour.  This is our LOMA which evidences that all our structures have been removed from the SFHA.

Below are our Insurance Proposals and Policies for the years of 2012 back to 2009.

VGH 2012 Property Policy.

VGH 2011 Property Policy.

VGH 2010 Property Policy.

VGH 2009 Property Policy.

2006-mit-forms.  These are our Mitigation Forms.





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