Hurricane Irma Update 5AM 9.7

Good Morning Everyone!

Hurricane Irma is a threat to our community regardless of the path it takes.  The circumference of the storm is so large that the entire state of Florida can be fit into the storm.  It is in fact a real threat regardless of the trajectory it takes.  We encourage everyone to keep track of the storm and make sure your neighbors are well informed.

According to the most recent news, we can expect the store to hit our area sometime late Saturday, and the worst of the storm will affect us sometime late Sunday.  We are investing in getting the neighborhood ready, but we really want to emphasis that our first priority are the areas of our property that we all own together — the common elements such as laundry rooms.

Our Second area of concern are the elderly, the disabled and the single women in the neighborhood who cannot afford to hire helpers to get them ready for the storm.  We absolutely expect all able bodied owners and landlords to take care of properly boarding up ALL of their exposed openings — all windows and the sliding glass doors.

Our workers will be out again today and we ask that all work be coordinated through Isabel and Mary.  We understand that everyone wants their building to be completely secured, but they did not complete their assigned work yesterday because they were commissioned to help with various tasks that were not cleared with the association.  We have 10 buildings to secure — we need everybody’s help.  Please note that all work this year is on a volunteer basis.

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