Condo Docs


Below are several documents relative to VGH Association, Inc.  They will be updated regularly.

Please check the website for any updates to ensure the Document you intend to use are current.  Thanks!

Original Condo Docs.  This is a PDF that includes all of the Original Condo Documents filed with the clerk and found on public record.   They are our official documents.  They include:  Declaration of Condominium, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation and Property Surveys.

vgh-rules-upd-9-16.  These are our Rules and Regulations.  They are updated often to serve the community.

FL FAQA 2017.  The current Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Sheet.

FL FAQA 10.15.  This is the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Sheet (DBPR Form CO 6000-4).  It contains general information for prospective buyers.

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