Monthly Archives: June 2016

Trash and Recycling

Pursuant to City Ordinance trash is to be picked up Tuesdays and Fridays of every week.
  • Tuesday – green trash cart and recycling bins.
  • Friday – green trash cart and bulk trash/yard waste.
  • According to the City: “No other garbage is allowed to be placed outside of the green cart because the automatic truck does not have the capability of picking it up.”

This means that any trash placed in bags will be left behind for our maintenance crew to deal with.  We will no longer be providing this service free of charge.  If our maintenance crew has to repeatedly removed trash not taken by the City because it has not been placed in the green trash cart (this is your large trash can), we will be charging you a fee for this service.  Additionally, according to our Pest Control company trash must be taken out every week.  If you allow trash to build up (which causes rat infestations), we will remove it for you and charge you a fee.

LANDLORDS – Please advise your Tenants.  You will be responsible if they fail to comply.