Monthly Archives: August 2015

Hurricane Alert

imageSouth Florida is in the cone of uncertainty as Tropical Storm Erika builds speed.  Hurricane expert concur that if you life in West Palm you should be concerned.  As a precaution we are looking at all trees we have access to and trimming as much as possible for safety.  If you have any trees in your back yards that could become a hurricane hazard, please let us know right away to we can address the issue.  Also, if you have any debris in your back yard that may become a hazard to our common element — which is everything beyond your inner walls (remember we are a Condo association – not a homeowners association) please let us know immediately so we can assist you in making it safe.

Repairing Fascia Boards

In an effort to prevent Fascia Boards around our buildings from rotting, we are removing all nails and screws, caulking and painting with a thick oil based paint.  Our Rules and Regulations specifically state that this type of damage to the fascia boards is strictly prohibited.  There are clips that can be used for Holiday decorations that do not damage the boards.  In the future we would appreciate the use of none damaging clips.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

In an effort to increase safety, and to reduce our insurance costs, we are adding to our FireImagepreventative maintenance programs a battery replacement program for Fire Alarms in all units. Expect to receive further information by email.   Our other preventative maintenance programs include annual inspections and maintenance of the roofs, as well as maintaining working fire extinguishers in all laundry rooms.