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Complaints Regarding Used Prophylactics

IMG_0671We have received several complaints regarding used prophylactics found in the parking lots on 14th St.  We have, as a precautionary measure, had all of the lights checked and the amount of time the lights are on in the parking lots after being triggered by motion has been increased to its maximum of 5 minutes (previously set at 1 minute).  We also performed this service to the lights at the closest parking lot to 14th Street on 28th Avenue.  Additionally, we will be contacting the Boynton Beach Police Department and asking them to increase patrols in the area.  The Board makes the following official statement on the matter:

May 28, 2015

A used condom was found in the parking lot between the 2860 & the 2840 buildings yesterday morning. This is not the first time one has been found, but it is the first time in several months.

If you observe any suspicious or unsavory activity out there at any time of day – but especially at night – please call 911 immediately and ask the police to check out the situation.

Finally, always be aware of your surroundings in the neighborhood after dark and let’s stay careful out there.

Thank you.