Monthly Archives: June 2014

Big Change!

COLOR !!!! – We had someone suggest going with a warmer color for the sidewalks, shutters and trims for the buildings and after discussing various options with several home owners we are presenting the following possibility to the membership:

  • Home Depot Deep Terra Cotta PFC-10 This is the Home Depot Deep Terra Cotta PFC-10.  This is an Epoxy Concrete paint for sidewalks which is stronger, more resilient, and not likely to be subject to rust stains from the Sprinkler Systems.  The doorway at Unit #28 will be painted in this color and displayed for viewing.
  • Color Swatch #27 for replacement shutters on 2520 SW 14th Ct. building (a color swatch for this shutter has been color matched into a paint sample and a single shutter (previously green) is currently being painted and will be displayed at Unit #27 for viewing.  We encourage everyone to have a say in this decision-making process.  At minimum, everyone has until the end of the Month of June to make a comment regarding the color of the sidewalks, shutters and trims by using the form provided on our Beautification and Maintenance Page.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Please note this information is also available on our Facebook Page for viewing.