Monthly Archives: January 2014

Pest Control Request

We have an online form for your convenience (under Members Only tab).   Please review the accepted proposal to clarify the services available (on Members Only page).   Limit one service request per month, per unit owner.

Laundry Room Repairs

Laundry Room Repair Notice Form.  Please note we will be hand delivering this form to all units today.  You may print this out and email back to us, or you may submit your request via this site by going to the Laundry Room Repair Request Page under the Members Only tab.  It is an automated version that will just take a couple of minutes and requires no printing and scanning on your end.  We must have all requests in by the end of tomorrow January 7, 2014.  Our laundry machine tech is very busy and has made time to come out on Wednesday.  Each visit has a minimum charge, so we would like to address all problems on Wednesday.  Thank you for your attention and consideration.